My decision to go car-free (mostly) for a month

In May an idea came to me to give up driving and riding in a car for a month. My first reaction was "That's a stupid idea." But it was an idea that wouldn't go away, so I began to wonder if God was behind it.

For some of you, the only thing weirder than not riding or driving in a car for a month is thinking that God told you to do it. I can understand your skepticism, but I'm learning to trust that God is behind these ideas once in a while. The hard part is not being able to tell with absolute certainty if they're from God or not. But faith involves stepping out sometimes.

Then I wondered if going car-less was even possible, so I checked my calendar and discovered that I didn't have any out-of-town trips scheduled for July. However, now I do have a couple of out-of-town events I will choose to drive to in July, so I've narrowed my month-long experiment to in-town transportation without the benefit of an automobile.

So I bought a used bike from a friend, and I'm ready to go. Sometimes I may choose to walk instead of ride my bike.

Why am I doing this? The short answer is that I hope to slow down my life a bit and grow to be more dependent on God by being less dependent on the convenience of zipping around in my car whenever I want to.

I plan to post an entry everyday starting July 1 about my experiences and reflections in case anyone is interested. If not, this blog will be a journal of my experiment. But if you do read, please feel free to comment. I'd love to hear from you. -Steve