Rearranging the furniture

One of the things I don't like to hear from my wife Tricia is that she'd like to rearrange the furniture. I'm always fine with it the way it is. She's much more feng shui about that kind of stuff.

But if I have to help move the furniture, I only want to do it once. Figure out where you want it, and then we'll move it there and leave it.

Of course, that's never how it goes. We have to move it, and then she'll look at it and see how it feels. And then we'll move it again. And again. I think she should be able to visualize how it's going to feel before we move it, but that's where I'm wrong again.

When we moved into this house ten years ago, we had to get rid of some stuff, because we used to live in an older, bigger house. For example, we brought with us an antique pump organ that actually played, but there was just no room for it in this house, so we sold it.

Even now, we don't have room to add furniture. If we get something new, something else has to go.

A lot of us who have devoted ourselves to following Jesus are trying to add him into our already crowded lives, resulting in compounded frustration.

If I'm going to truly follow Jesus and "live beyond myself," then that will mean letting go of some things, even good things, that consume my time and attention.

For example, I see myself doing something on a weekly basis to assist the poor or the incacerated (Matthew 25:35-36). But it's not going to happen until I figure out what I can let go of.

Maybe I can start out by letting go of something just one hour a month, so I can visit the county jail or volunteer at the People's City Mission or something like that.

Rearranging the furniture won't be enough. I'll have to let go of something. But I'm ready to give it a shot. I'll let you know how it goes.