Who wants to be rich?

I thought it was just the Baby Boomers who wanted to be rich. In today's Lincoln Journal Star p. 6A, I read an article, "Survey shocker: Me Generation wants to be rich" by AP's Martha Irvine. It says that teenagers and early twenty-somethings have put a very high priority on having a very high income.

It surprised me, because I thought that's part of what they were rejecting about the Boomer lifestyle. But according to the article, they've been sucked into it by their Boomer parents. Everybody wants an Abercrombie and Fitch life.

Unless you follow Jesus.

When Jesus was being tempted by Satan, he had the chance to go for "all the kingdoms of the world." Heady stuff. But he walked away from it for a grander vision, something called the Kingdom of God. It was Life--with God at the center.

It's the alternative to the American obsession.