What have you learned this year?

The Sunday after Christmas my message will be on what I've learned this year, but it won't be about just me. I need to hear what you've learned this year (it doesn't matter if you attend Horizons or not).

Of course, that will mean pausing for reflection, which few of us take time to do. But I'm guessing that once you start writing, something will come to you. It may be something new you learned, or it may be a deeper awareness and appreciation of something you already knew. So hit the comment button and let us know what you've learned and how it came to you. Plus I think it will be fun to read them all.

I write a debrief every month for our church's Steering Team, and one of the categories is "Lessons Learned." There's something about writing it down that makes it stick. For example, after completing my four-week sabbatical for study and planning last summer, my lesson learned was "You can't do visioning at 90 miles an hour." The point was that by taking time to slow down, I began to experience God guiding me in a fresh way about the church's future.

My mistakes are often my biggest teachers. What have you learned this year? What has God been teaching you?