Standing up to Hitler

Last week Tricia and I rented and watched the movie "Valkyrie," based on the true story of a plot by German army officers to assassinate Hitler and gain control of the country. Personally, I had no idea this kind of dissension existed in the ranks of the Third Reich. While Valkyrie is not a great movie, it kept me engaged and wanting to know more. I recommend it.

And then I was pleased to read a Local View column, "In Germany, the rest of the story", in today's Journal Star by Pastor Walter Rowoldt, contradicting the much held view that Christians in Germany were either silent and weak in the face of Hitler's anti-Jewish propoganda, or they bought into it easily. I hope you'll read it.

May those of us who have been rescued by Jesus the Christ remain true to him, and may the Holy Spirit give us the clarity and courage to stand firm when we are tested.


I'm down with UP

Tricia and I saw Pixar's UP in 3-D Friday night, and I agree with just about every movie reviewer, that this is a great show. I won't give away any of the story, but there's adventure, humor, love, loss, loyalty, and good vs. evil all spun together in a tale that keeps moving. And like every good story, elements introduced early are woven back in later.

I was so fascinated by the artistry of the animation that sometimes I found myself giving it as much attention as the story. The main character, Carl the curmudgeon balloon vendor, has a square, over-sized head (patterned after Spencer Tracy, I've heard); even his fingers have square edges.

Their journey's destination is a place called Paradise Falls, which, when I thought about it later, carries some significant symbolism. See what you think.

If you're looking for a great show you can take the kids to (if they're of the age where they can handle cartoon ferocious dogs) I give this one all thumbs UP. And if you see it in 3-D, which I recommend, that stands for the extra three dollars you'll need per person for the goofy glasses.