A VBS moment to remember

It’s Thursday, and we’re heading into our last night at Vacation Bible School. I’m a crew leader this year with seven 5th and 6th graders, and I’m loving it.

Tuesday night I invited some friends to come and experience VBS at Horizons. Jeff and Linda Thurman moved here about a month ago to begin planting a new church in northeast Lincoln. They came to our VBS for the first hour, and what they saw and heard just blew them away. Before they left, Jeff told me that there may be some bigger VBS programs out there, but none are better than Horizons!

Last night at our closing in the worship center, each crew was given a strip of black plastic about 6” x 30”. Each person in the crew was to grab on to the plastic and think of one thing we’ve done that we’re sorry for. Then the crew leaders took the plastic strips up to the front and hung them on a wooden cross. While we sang, an older youth volunteer came forward wearing burlap, representing Jesus.

As we watched and sang a slow song, all those strips of plastic, representing our sins, were draped on to his shoulders and open arms. Then we saw him walk through the worship center and carry them away. The girl next to me was so moved, that she spontaneously began clapping. It seemed to be her way of thanking Jesus for carrying her sins. I felt the same way, so I started clapping with her. Soon others were joining in. That was when I felt my eyes getting full with tears.

It was a moment I won’t soon forget.