Resisting a false religion

Here's something I'm going to share in my sermon tomorrow morning. I can't say I'm living up to all of it, but hopefully I'm a work in progress. I'm calling it "One Christ-follower’s attempt to put the reins on unbridled consumption." Please comment with your thoughts or your list.

1. I do not believe I deserve something just because I can afford it.

2. I will not buy stuff just to make me feel better.

3. I will not teach my kids that they deserve the best of everything, or even the best I can afford.

4. I will not choose brand name products just so I can feel good about owning them or so I can display their corporate names and logos.

5. I choose to live below what I can afford so I can bless others and God’s kingdom.

6. I will not allow my spending to infringe on my tithing.

7. I resist the assumption that I should get to have all my wants and preferences fulfilled.

8. I desire to be wise and not wasteful in the items I buy, which doesn’t mean they can’t be attractive, but they must also be useful, practical, durable and environmentally sustainable.

9. I will postpone and save rather than buy on credit.

10. I will endeavor to learn if the companies, whose products I buy, treat their employees well and pay them fairly. And I am willing to pay more for that to happen or go without.


Anonymous said...

I will deliberately set aside money so that I can happily answer God's unexpected calls to use my money to go be part of what He is doing.

Stan Tafoya said...

Good stuff here Steve!